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About me
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About you

You have a client or brand that needs to stand out. A subject that is complex or maybe a little boring, you want to make it more attractive for your target audience. You don’t want stock images, but something original & fresh.

Let’s talk
About reaching your target audience…

  • Game design for an iPad game
  • Illustrations for an article
  • Characters for a Flash game
  • Educational illustrations to get kids involved
  • Illustrations to clarify your presentation
  • Animated cartoon banners

My code

Fightclub has rules, countries have laws, Dexter needs a code and so do I.
These are the standards I work by, this is what you will get.

Your deadline is my religion

You don’t want explain to your boss that some illustrator did not deliver on time…Some people break, I thrive under pressure. If it means becoming Red Bulls #1 customer and skipping some sleep, so be it. Rules are made to be broken, deadlines are met.

Not just something shiny

You dont want an illustration that just looks pretty. When I make illustrations for you, your brand or client. They need to tell a story, trigger your audience or explain something. Looking good is just a small part of that.

Enthousiastic idea machine

The project you trusted me with is not just some project to me. Expect me to ask difficult questions, come up with (crazy) idea’s, extract feedback from you. Have a question, need help? Just ask. I’m on your team, we are the machine!

Let’s talk
About your goals.

About me

Armed with a marker & sketchbook I’m on a mission to fight the biggest evil in the world. The big bad boring. Inspired by Star Wars, Graffiti, zombie’s and life. Like Neo see’s the code of the Matrix, I see a visual solution for just about everything.

Besides that I absorb anything I find about artificial intelligence, drones and droids, enjoy plugging into my PS3 or watching a good movie with friends and/ or cooking tasty food with my girl to unwind.


Some of the awesome clients I’ve worked for over the past 14 years.

Clients I've worked for